Guarantee Services

Ahlibank can issue a guarantee on behalf of a customer who wishes to participate in a tender or bid for a contract where there is a requirement to submit a bank guarantee .
Ahlibank can issue a guarantee when a contract is awarded to a customer, with the condition to submit a performance bond for a percentage of the contract value.

In case of non-performance of such contracts, within a specific agreed time period the bank becomes liable to pay the beneficiary on presentation of the claim on or before the last date for presentation of the claim.
Ahlibank can issue a guarantee at the request of the buyer that guarantees the repayment of an advance paid to the contractor/supplier as a part of the contract.
An irrevocable payment guarantee undertaken by Ahlibank that guarantees repayment of a financial obligation to the client.
Ahlibank can issue a local guarantee to the beneficiaries based on the strength of the counter-guarantee received from overseas correspondent banks.
Ahlibank can co-accept bills/promissory notes received on collection and guarantee payment on the accepted due date.

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