International Banking

As an independent financial institution, Ahlibank continuously and carefully assesses the strategies and creditworthiness of its financial institution partners.
Following the 2008 credit crisis, banking has undergone systemic changes, especially in the Eurozone. An analysis of each financial institution’s national economic and geopolitical situation – as well as local, regional, and global markets – is therefore vital. International Banking Department is responsible for all cross-border activities, including the development and optimisation of key financial institution and correspondent bank relationships and co-ordinates these activities with the bank’s main business lines: Treasury, Trade Finance, Corporate, Retail, and Private Banking.

While Ahlibank’s priority is its domestic network, maximising our international relationships with strategic regional and global financial institutions allows us to underpin our customers’ requirements.

Partnerships with other financial institutions worldwide also help us secure business revenues – through cross-border trade transactions, for example. Ahlibank’s International Banking Department continuously reviews our global relationships to ensure that all parties benefit fairly.

Ahlibank’s International Banking Department plays a pivotal role in reviewing the bank’s medium to long-term funding options in traditional and debt capital markets. This will support the bank’s implementation of a prudent and sustainable financing structure in line with the implications of Basel III. Other key drivers in this regard will be the requirements and opinions of our credit rating agencies.
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