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As a bank at the heart of the community, we are available on social media to help you stay connected with us and to serve you better by answering and listening to you. Through our channels, you can stay posted on our latest news, events, products, deals and services, as well as tips about financial and banking best practices.

Our social media channels are platforms for communicating positively and effectively with our customers. Your security and privacy are paramount for these to be sustainable. Therefore, before interacting with us, be sure to check our social media guidelines to keep your experience seamless and secure.

  • Your privacy and security are extremely important to us. Never share your personal and banking information, your passwords, or anything of a confidential nature with any individual or entity on social media.
  • We do not welcome or tolerate including but not limited to:
    • Hateful or offensive comments on our channels
    • Posting comments related to politics, religion, race, gender , color ethnic origin or disability
    • Copyright infringement on our channels
    • Link sharing to our channels
    • Posting spam on our channels
  • Any inappropriate content in relation to the above will be flagged and deleted.
  • We will be pleased to respond to your enquiries, suggestions and feedback or all complaints via private message on our social media channels from Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 6PM.
  • If you require assistance outside these timings, we invite you to contact our call centre on +974 4420 5222
  • Kindly note that posts shared by individuals do not represent the official opinion of Ahlibank.

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