Our Brand

We refreshed our brand in 2014 to symbolise the change taking place at our bank.

Our vision

Our vision is simple and captures our goal: to be at the heart of the community.

Our mission

We seek to achieve our mission by.
  • Providing the right products for people in our community
  • Being straightforward, approachable, and responsive
  • Being actively involved with our community

Our brand promise

We strive to give our customers a memorable level of personal service and attention.

Our guiding principles

We are guided by:
  • Being a modern bank that is confident about the future.
  • Committed to new technology and new ways to help our customers.
  • Dedicated to giving our customers the best possible service and attention, whether in-branch or online.
  • Keeping things simple and straightforward.
  • Always being open and friendly.
  • Adhering to our community responsibility that being a Qatari Bank entails.

Our brand values

We have three values that guide how we behave as individuals and as an organisation:


We ask, we listen, and we act on what we learn. We respond by producing products that genuinely meet the needs of our community. We are who we are because of our community. And that’s why we go further for our customers and our stakeholders.


We will always stay actively involved with our community. We aim to be a sensitive bank: knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful. We offer what our customers tell us they need most: reliable and effective products and advice they can trust.


We are always straightforward, approachable, and responsive. We are an active part of the community. We never forget that our customers are also our neighbors.

Our brand identity

Our brand identity is a modern interpretation of a potent symbol from Qatar’s past, the oyster shell. The shell protects and nurtures its treasure, growing it over time, just as we seek to grow and protect our customers’ assets.
Our shell is made from geometric shapes. These shapes are used in this website, in our branches, and in everything we print.

Introducing ‘Ahlibank with you’

Ahlibank has been at the heart of the community for over 30 years. We are here for our customers and our people. We grow with them and we change with them.

‘With you’ features extensively in our communications and sums up our promise perfectly: the most personal banking experience.

With you, we will be at the heart of the community.
With you, we will deliver the most personal banking experience.
With you, we will be inspired, considered, and engaged.
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