Wages Protection System (WPS)

The Ahlibank Payroll service complies with Wages Protection System (WPS) provides companies (employers) and employees with an integrated service, which is fully compliant with the Law (Number 1 of 2015) which amended some provisions of the Law (Number 14 of 2004) known as the Labour Law. The WPS is designed to ensure employees are paid in a timely manner and via a process that can be monitored by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Qatar Central Bank. From 3rd November 2015, only available to customers who have registered for WPS .

Features and benefits

  • Fully integrated and compliant process for companies including downloadable forms for WPS company registration and salary payment file format specifications and Terms and Conditions form.
  • Available to existing Ahlibank customers.
  • Available to non Ahlibank customers looking for a WPS compliant solution
  • Employees are able to visit any Ahlibank branch and open bank accounts, subject to the normal regulations of opening a bank account in Qatar.
  • Bulk account opening option is available to companies looking to establish accounts for employees, again subject to standard regulations

Useful information

For existing and non Ahlibank customers
  • Contact your Corporate Relationship Manager or Branch Manager to complete and sign the WPS Company registration form .
  • We will then complete the WPS registration process on your behalf and contact you when this has been completed with the reference number.
  • All future salary payment files need to be submitted in the format that complies with the new regulations.

Download here
  • Download WPS Company registration form PDF here.
  • Download Salary payment file format specifications PDF here.
  • Download WPS Terms and Conditions form PDF here
  • Download Salary Payment Instructions via CD-ROM here

Enjoy access to your Ahlibank account:
  • At your nearest Ahlibank branch or through dedicated Relationship Manager.

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