Financing Solutions

We help our clients by providing direct and indirect facilities to access working capital. For example, through the purchase of inventory, funding of receivables, or making finance available to meet operating expenses. Based on a financial and qualitative evaluation, our Relationship Managers will customise the best responses to match your business needs.
We understand the vital role of the contractor to the development process and offer a broad range of off-the-shelf and tailored products.

Our off-the-shelf products to meet your needs are:
  • Bonds (performance/advance payment/payment/retention)
  • Letters of credit
  • Invoice discounting
  • Loans (equipment/project)
  • Loans against trust receipts

If an off-the-shelf product does not fulfill your requirements, Ahlibank will structure facilities tailored to your specific needs.
We provide structured term financing to meet your specific requirements for capital expenditure, project funding, real estate and other corporate purposes. The loans are provided at competitive rates and are structured to enhance your profitability by scheduling the repayment to match cash flows.
Equipment finance offers flexible loans for buying construction equipment, vehicle fleets, or other movable equipment. The facility can be structured corresponding to the life of the asset and repayment can be scheduled to match cash flows.
Ahlibank offers flexible and tailor-made real estate financing for development, acquisition, or investment in real estate properties of all types, including commercial, residential and mixed use.
We offer project finance for the construction and development of large projects across sectors including manufacturing, oil and gas, power, infrastructure and telecommunications. These facilities are usually structured on the basis of project strength and cash flows, with limited recourse to the project sponsor.
Ahlibank is active in the syndication market, having been mandated and participated in several club and syndicated loans across the region.
Apart from conventional loans, we offer complex structured financing for corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset backed financing, refinancing, and debt consolidation.
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