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Ahlibank Contactless Debit and Credit Card

Ahlibank’s Debit and Credit Cards come with contactless technology, for more convenience. Contactless transactions are payment transactions that don’t require physical contact between your Card and the merchant’s terminal, thus allowing you to make payments faster and easier as well as reducing the need for you to carry cash. You can use your Ahlibank Debit and Credit Cards anywhere you see the Contactless symbol, without the need for PIN authentication for all transactions of QAR 500 or less (whereas PIN authentication may be required upon several contactless transactions).
1. Look for this symbol on the merchant’s terminal.

2. Hold your Ahlibank card in front of the contactless reader. The terminal will indicate that the transaction has been processed successful.

3. Collect your items and go. If you need a receipt, just ask for it.

  • Increased convenience: transactions are easier for both the cardholder and the merchant, meaning faster transactions and shorter queues.
  • Enhanced security: transactions are processed under a safe and advanced technology protocol.
  • Pearl Rewards: you continue to accumulate Pearl Points and benefit from Pearl Rewards (where applicable) even on transactions QAR 500 or less that you would have normally paid using cash.
  • Less wear and tear: the card does not come into physical contact with the terminal through inserting or swiping.
  • An exciting experience: you are no longer constrained by the amount of cash in hand and unlike cash, you may track spending habits on low-value purchases.
*The limit can be changed at any time by the Bank. Transactions for amounts above these limits will be completed using your PIN.


Contactless payments are payment transactions that do not require a physical contact between the cardholder’s credit card and the merchant’s terminal.
Contactless payments use secure Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology to process the transaction. NFC is a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies to establish a connection and transmits data between a NFC-enabled card and the merchant terminal. This is done by tapping the card against the terminal or by bringing the card close to the terminal, thus allowing the transaction to be processed.
With your Ahlibank Contactless cards you will be able to make Contactless payments of QAR 500 or less in any merchant service establishment with the contactless symbol. All you need to do is hold your Contactless Ahlibank Card in front of the Contactless terminal to automatically receive confirmation that payment was successful. You will then be offered the transaction receipt and that's it, transaction is complete.
You may use your Contactless Ahlibank Card for any transaction amount within your credit limit. However for transactions up to QAR 500 you may use your contactless card without the need to key in your PIN or sign a transaction receipt.
Note: The limit can be changed at any time by the Bank. Transactions for amounts above these limits will be completed using your PIN.
For amounts that do not exceed QAR 500 you do not need to key in your PIN or sign a transaction receipt.
Contactless transactions are effected using secure Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology and the strongest authentication protocols to validate each transaction. Contactless transactions are as safe as contact credit card transactions.
If the card gets stolen then the liability is governed by the general Terms and Condition of the card, which is that the cardholder will be liable for all transactions until the time that the cardholder reports the loss to the bank.
No. Any transaction needs to be initiated by the cardholder and then the merchant, by keying in the transaction amount in the payment terminal. Only then can start the communication between the terminal and the card through the NFC and provided that the card is in close proximity with the terminal device.
To apply for Contactless Ahlibank Credit Card just visit your nearest Ahlibank branch.
To convert your existing Card simply visit your nearest Ahlibank branch.
No. First you have to do one EMV Chip transaction (by inserting the card chip in the POS machine) to activate the contactless functionality.
Nothing changes in the way you used to use your Ahlibank Cards today for all these type of merchants and transactions. Contactless technology applies only in card present transactions in Contactless enabled merchants/terminals.

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