VISA Checkout

Online shopping made easier with Visa Checkout

Every time you shop online, all you need to do to complete your transaction is select the card you want to use to pay and choose the shipping address. No need to type the card details and the shipping address. All it takes to enjoy this simple, safe and fast experience is to register all your Ahlibank Credit and Debit cards and shipping addresses once in VISA Checkout. Every time you want to pay online, you login to your VISA Checkout account, click on the card of your choice and choose the shipping address and checkout.

It works on all VISA Checkout enabled websites. You could benefit from VISA Checkout when you use the device of your choice - tablet, smartphone or personal computer or laptop.


  • Simple: Add your Ahlibank’s Debit and Credit Card to enrol.
  • Fast: No need to type your Card details and shipping address every time you shop online. Simply use VISA Checkout login to pay!
  • Secure:Your information is stored securely behind multiple layers of security.
  • Click Here to know about the participating merchants with Visa Checkout

How to register

  • Click Here and set up your VISA Checkout account by creating a username and password.
  • Enter all your Ahlibank Credit and Debit Card details and shipping information. You will only have to do this once.

How to pay online with Visa Checkout

  • Click the VISA Checkout button when shopping online
  • Log in by entering your registered e-mail ID and password
  • Choose the card you want to use to pay. Select the shipping address for delivery, if applicable
  • Confirm your purchase. And you are done!

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