What is NFC?

Near-field communications (NFC) is the underlying technology that enables cards and terminals to ‘speak’ to each other when the card is brought into proximity of the terminal.

What is Contactless Cash Withdrawal?

Ahlibank is the first bank in Qatar to allow you to perform Contactless transactions on ATMs. By just tapping your contactless card at the contactless symbol on the ATM, you can now initiate cash withdrawals and other transactions you perform by inserting your card in the card reader.

Why NFC?

This functionality will reduce the transaction time, as you will not need to insert your card. It is faster, safer, convenient and trendy as well.

How can I know if my card is contactless?

If your card has the wave symbol, i.e., symbol, it means your card is contactless and can be used on our contactless ATMs. You could find the wave symbol below the Ahlibank logo or next to the PIN pad.

Do I need to enter a PIN?

Yes, you need to enter the 4-digit PIN for all transactions, ensuring that all your transactions are secure. It is as good as inserting the card and transacting in terms of entering the PIN.

What transactions can be done?

You can do all the transactions that are currently available on our ATMs, except Activating your new Debit or Credit Card. Please Click here to understand the list of transactions you may perform.

Is NFC enabled on all Ahlibank ATMs?

We have enabled NFC on select ATMs. You can visit our website for the list of ATMs that are NFC enabled, or call us on +974 4020 5222 for more details.

How will I understand if the ATM is NFC enabled?

The ATM will have the wave symbol i.e., symbol at the right of the ATM PIN pad, that will be glowing in green colour.

How to use?

All you need to do is tap your Contactless Ahlibank Card in front of the Contactless reader . You will be prompted to enter your Card PIN on the ATM PIN Pad. And you can perform your transactions, except activating your card.

What is the withdrawal limit for Contactless Cash Withdrawal?

The cash withdrawal limit is the same as what it is when you use your physical card.

Who can withdraw cash via the Contactless ATMs?

All Debit and Credit Cards issued by the bank with the wave sign, i.e., , can be used.

Will I receive transaction alerts through SMS for cash withdrawal from Contactless ATM?

Yes. You will receive transaction alerts based on your current setting on ATM cash withdrawal threshold.

Where can I find a Contactless ATM?

Contactless ATMs will be progressively rolled out from October 2018 in Qatar. For the list of Ahlibank contactless ATMs, Click here By the ned of 2018, all our ATMs will be ready for contactless transactions. You would also locate contactless ATMs in many countries, worldwide.

Is NFC enabled on all Ahlibank ATMs?

We have enabled NFC on select ATMs. You can , Click here or call us +974 4020 5222 for more details.

Are there charges for Contactless Cash Withdrawal?

No. There are no additional charges applicable for Contactless transactions. However, interest (for credit cards), fees and charges to your debit card or credit card still apply and remain unchanged.

What is your security policy?

We are committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards. Protecting your transaction is our job and we take it very seriously. Contactless Cash Withdrawal from a Contactless ATM is as secure as using your physical ATM card. You will still be required to enter your Card PIN on the ATM PIN pad just as you do for an ATM transaction when you insert the card.

My card is not NFC enabled. What should I do?

Simply visit any of Ahlibank branch or call Ahlibank Contact Center on +974 4420 5222 to request your contactless card.

Is this similar to the function I noticed on some point-of-sale (POS) terminals in some outlets?

Yes. However, the sequence of making the transaction will be different from the POS. Is this similar to the function I noticed in London underground train stations/at Starbucks in many European/American cities? It is similar to the function you noticed in London and other cities abroad using NFC technology.

What should I do in case of any issue?

Please call the Contact Centre immediately on +974 4420 5222 in case of any issue.

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