How to deposit Cash

How to deposit Cash in our Cash and Cheque Deposit Machine (CDM)

  • Visit your nearest Ahlibank CDM
  • Insert your Ahlibank Debit Card
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Enter your Card 4 digit PIN number
  • Currency selection must be QAR
  • Choose “Other Services” on the main screen
  • Choose “Deposit” option
  • Select “Cash Deposit”
  • Select the account you want the cash to be deposited to
  • Choose Source of Funds
  • You will be promoted to insert Cash into the slot
  • Press “Confirm” and your transaction will be processed
  • The Cash Deposit will instantly be credited to your account
  • Your receipt has been printed automatically, please take your receipt and Ahlibank Debit Card

Follow these Tips when depositing cash in our Cash and Cheque Deposit Machine (CDM)

  • Only Ahlibank Customers can use “Cash Deposit” option
  • Only QAR 50, QAR 100 and QAR 500 notes are accepted
  • Only QAR notes are accepted
  • Maximum of 40 notes to be deposited per transaction
  • Maximum of 3 Cash Deposit transactions per day
  • Maximum of QAR 30,000 can be deposited per day
  • Coins are not accepted
  • Torn, folded, stapled, taped, or bent notes are not accepted
  • Notes with ink spots or any other substances are not accepted
  • Notes with rubber bands are not accepted
  • After depositing the cash keep the receipt for your records

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